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October 2020 thru December 2020

Worthy District Deputies of Texas,

Greeting from the Western Territory Field Team! Our hope is that you and your Councils are doing well and are out putting your Faith into action.  Below are the links to register for this month’s “Featured” Supreme Training Sessions.  As we move forward, please make sure this information is passed on to all the Grand Knights in your District.  Each training is open to all Brother Knights, so please make sure you get this information out to your Teams and Councils.  Each Training Session is presented using the “GoToMeeting” Platform.  These sessions are designed to promote open discussion, sharing of ideas, and to do a deep dive into each topic presented.  To get more information and register for a training:

  1. Click on the training registration link for the session you want to attend. (Links Below)
  2. Read the Synopsis and determine you have the right subject.
  3. Complete and Submit the Online Registration Form.

District Deputy Basic Training

Grand Knight Basic Training

Enhancing Member Experience By Creating A Culture of Engagement

You Are Your Programs

Once a Brother Knight has registered for a training, he will be placed on the VIP List for that Session.  Prior to the session, he will receive two reminders and access to the session.  These reminders will happen within twenty-four hours of the session he has chosen.  Please note that each session is LIVE, not recorded.  Participation in these sessions and the “LIVE Discussion” is greatly encouraged.

First notice for future Supreme Training Sessions offered by the Regional Training Director (RTD) will occur on the first day of the month.  A reminder email will go out on the 15th of each month.  These notifications will be emailed directly to the Western Territory District Deputies.  State Deputies will be copied.  Please note that future notifications will be much briefer.  It should also be noted that our presentation platform (s) will be upgraded soon…stay tuned!

Download Supreme Training Schedule PDF

Enhancing Member Experience by Creating a Culture of Engagement

This training on Enhancing Member Experience by Creating a Culture of Engagement is one of the most important we have to offer. As our councils actively engage members, their experience is far more positive, which leads to new men joining our councils and it allows us to do more charitable work. During this training presentation, we will:

  • Highlight the important relationship between member experience and member engagement
  • Complete a Council Engagement Assessment and know your council’s current engagement score
  • Provide your council specific tools to improve your council engagement score
  • Answer as many of your questions as possible
Register for Enhancing Member Experience By Creating A Culture of Engagement

For More Information about the Western Territory Featured Training:

Kenneth White
Regional Training Director-Western Territory


Friday, October 30, 2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Kenneth White