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DDC March 2021 Meeting Minutes

DALLAS DIOCESE CHAPTERQuarterly Meeting – Thursday ,March 25, 2021 Meeting Minutes Location: Council 799 KayCee Hall, Dallas, Texas Meeting called to order 7:00 PM (after light meal provided) Opening Prayer – Jorge Ruiz Pledge of Allegiance – Pat Conway Treasurer’s Report Approx. $13,600 in cash on hand President’s Report Patrick spoke about his Council’s recent […]


Dallas Diocese Chapter August 27th Meeting Notes

Dallas Diocese Chapter Meeting Notes August 27, 2020 Council 799 Meeting Hall Meeting called to order 7:01 PM by Chapter President Opening Prayer by Chapter Chaplain Father Joseph Pledge of Allegiance led by DDC President Patrick Vlk President’s Report (Patrick Vlk) – Welcome and we are still looking for sites to host the next 2 […]

DD Mike Courtney

DDC Meeting 8-27-2020

Brothers All,  I wish to thank all of you that were able to attend in person the DDC Meeting held at 799. As promised, President Patrick hammered the gavel promptly at 7:00 and we were out of there with all information presented by 8:15! Great job men! Congrats to our newly elected Officers for the […]

Roy Rabenaldt, Mike Courtney

Diocesan Organizational Meeting Handouts

Diocesan Organizational Meeting Handouts My thanks to all of you for all your help on Saturdays meeting. AS I stated in my talk and had previously discussed with several of you, I struggled with getting everyone together but as the day went on, I am glad we did! With approx. 75 brother Knights attending, I […]