Evangelization and Faith Formation

Evangelization and Faith Formation

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SK James Kauffman

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Evangelization and Faith Formation

Men today are hungry for faith centered content and fraternity that help them grow in faith and become better Catholic men, husbands, and fathers. We know that our Catholic parishes and families need men who are faith-filled leaders who strive to grow in holiness, knowledge, and disciple others towards the Kingdom of Heaven. We are firm in our understanding that this goal is accomplished through prayer, formation, and fraternity.

The world needs courageous men to witness to Jesus Christ.


Overview of COR

The first element of the Evangelization and Faith Formation initiative is this COR. COR is Latin for heart and the root word for courage. COR exists to form and strengthen Catholic men in faith and virtue as missionary disciples by drawing them into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, formation, and fraternity. The goal of each COR is to provide the opportunity for men to encounter Christ, to strive to be more Christ like, to strengthen our bonds of brotherhood, and to prepare for the courageous mission of evangelization.

Cor is a simple concept

It consistently brings men together to refocus on Jesus Christ through shared time of prayer and formation.

The Knights of Columbus empowers Catholic men to live their faith and serve their family, parish, community, and country. Why? Because families need strong husbands and fathers, and the world needs courageous witnesses to Jesus Christ. Through Cor, men will be formed and sharpened as disciples of Jesus, who are committed to serving him and willing to boldly live and share their faith. It is the mandate of every Catholic man to bring Jesus to a broken world. To live his faith and engage in this mission, every Catholic man needs a strong relationship with God that is rooted in prayer and the sacraments. Catholic men need to proactively invest in their ongoing faith formation, to be a part of a dynamic brotherhood that supports, sharpens, and strengthens them to be holy men, husbands, and fathers, and to engage in the mission of the Church.

The Mission of Cor

The mission of Cor is to refocus Catholic men on Jesus Christ and to form and strengthen them in faith and virtue through a brotherhood committed to prayer, formation, and fraternity. The goal of each Cor gathering is to provide the opportunity for men to encounter Christ, to pray together, to be formed in their faith, and to strengthen their bonds of brotherhood, preparing them for courageous leadership and the mission of evangelization for their families and communities.