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Football Sweepstakes

Texas Knights of Columbus > Football Frenzy Fundraiser

The Purpose

All Diocesan & District Deputies should have the tickets to pass out to the Councils. Go sell all tickets to keep State Per Capita Down.

$1 cash back to the Council for every ticket sold.

Check your result by clicking the icon above on the State Website or:

This does not matter if you support football or not, it is about keeping the State Per Capita from going up.


How it works

Each Game Ticket has 3 or 4 different football teams each week. If your 3 or 4 teams score the most or least number of points in any week, you are a winner!

How to play the Game

1.) The Game Ticket is valid only during the 17 weeks as appears on the Game Ticket and the Game Schedule. Important: Dates for the purpose of this Sweepstakes are always published as a SUNDAY. A SUNDAY includes all games played on the Wednesday prior to SUNDAY through and including the Monday night game after that same SUNDAY or for games considered played during the “Week” by the National Football League.

2.) Game Ticket: Your Game Ticket features 3 or 4 Football Teams (the “Teams”). In each of the vertical rows, 3 0r 4 weekly Teams are featured on your Game Ticket and change each week. No other Game Ticket has the same 3 or 4 Teams on any given date. Team Codes are listed on your Game Ticket. Winners are determined by the “Highest” and the “Lowest” 3- or 4-Team Totals for Each Week. Scores of all 3- or 4-Team combinations are added together and compared to determine winners each week. THE SCORES ARE NOT DEPENDENT ON ANY TEAM WINNING OR LOSING A GAME. When Teams do not play or in the case of game cancellations or postponements, the previous week’s scores will count unless played during the “week.” In the unlikely event that any circumstances beyond our control make it impossible to determine winners as stated, we reserve the right to devise an alternate method to distribute prizes.

3.) Winners: Game Ticket holders who are winners and who are properly registered with the Organization are paid automatically. If a winner does not receive his/her prize within twenty eight (28) days, he/she has no more than four (4) weeks after the Posted Results Date as per Game Schedule below to claim his/her prize or the prize is forfeited.

4.) Odds of Winning: Of the Game Tickets available for this Sweepstakes, the odds of winning will vary based on the number of Game Tickets distributed throughout the Game/Sweepstakes Promotion Period.

Instructions for participating Knights

Return all stubs, money, and unsold tickets before October 1st, 2021 to:

Texas Knights
Attn. Jimmy Hernandez
1506 N Texas
Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Questions or additional tickets contact

Jimmy Hernandez
(432) 290-2089

How to return stubs, money and unused tickets (PDF)