Bob Stras Dallas Classic Basketball Tournament

Bob Stras Dallas Classic Basketball Tournament


Dallas Classic Basketball Tournament Coordinator

Jake Fleischer

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The 58th Annual Knights of Columbus Bob Stras Dallas Classic Basketball Tournament that was planned for December, 2020 has been cancelled in the interest of preserving the safety of all players, coaches and fans in these uncertain times.
Thank you to everyone for all of your support in the past and please join us for the “59th Annual Dallas Classic” planned for December 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2021!

The Purpose & Mission of The Tournament…

Why does the Dallas Diocese Chapter do this?

  • To make a relevant connection that otherwise might not exist between the Knights of Columbus and the youth of our community.
  • To support our local catholic schools and to contribute to the quality of their programs and environment.

Accomplishments and Improvements

Boys basketball competition
  • Expanded the Tournament Program to 40 pages from 36 last year. Upgraded creative content.
  • Increased the number of Knights who took personal sponsorships from 30 to 50 (Platinum up 89% and Gold up 57%!).
  • All players received high quality commemorative tee shirts.
  • Upgraded trophies and awards.
  • Two additional Councils funded ads for the first time.
  • Two additional corporate sponsorships.
  • DDC ad on the inside back cover went to full color.
  • Improved “Who Are These Men Called Knights?” ad.

What is the history and format of the Tournament?

The Knights of Columbus Dallas Classic is sponsored by the Dallas Diocesan Chapter of the Knights of Columbus and was started in 1962 as a Catholic high school boys basketball tournament. In the early days, some of the visiting teams actually slept on the floors of some Council halls. Over the years a girls division was added and in 2014 the name of SK Bob Stras who led the Tournament Committee for many years was added to the tournament name. The competition has grown in stature with a great mix of local talent, national talent from outside of the metroplex and even some international teams from Russia, Canada and elsewhere. In its current format, 8 boys teams are hosted at Jesuit Dallas Preparatory School and 8 Girls Teams are hosted at Bishop Lynch High School. The Dallas Classic has become one of the preeminent high school basketball tournaments in the area.


Special Thanks!!

  • To the 16 Councils and Assemblies and the DDC who continued to support the Tournament through advertising in the Tournament Program.
  • To Councils 8157 and 14568 who advertised for the first time this year!
  • To all the affiliated organizations that continue to support the Tournament.
  • To all 50 individual Knights who took Platinum and Gold Sponsorships.
  • To Jorge Ruiz who put us on the map with the DDC Facebook page and Website and did such great creative work on his Council center spread and other advertising work.
  • To District Deputy Andy Goza for advocating so strongly for us and for helping us find a wonderful tee shirt supplier who did a great job.
  • To Mike Schmitt from Council 5052 who prepared baked ziti for all of the boys teams on the first night of the tournament and to Salerno’s restaurant that supplied a great buffet for the girls teams.
  • Finally, to the 2018 Tournament Committee for all of their hard work to make this event a success – Bob Stras, Roy Rabenaldt, Roger Scott, Mike Murray and Jake Fleischer.