2020 KofC State Convention Kick-off Meeting


2020 Knights of Columbus State Convention
Kick-off Meeting

Date – Saturday 4-13-2019
Location – Council Hall 799 09:00

Reed Fontenot, Chairman, Mike Courtney Co-Chairman

 Reed Fontenot, Opening Remarks:

Greetings to everyone and thanks for stepping up to assist in the 2020 State Convention. Last time in Dallas it was very successful with a few hick-ups, this time early planning will make process smoother and hopefully more successful. 

Reed to be the State liaison looking at the BIG picture, Mike will focus on the details, working with each committee to assure best in class event! 

Reviewed a brief schedule of events from 2017. Reviewed rolls and responsibilities of weekend events. Asked for those attending the upcoming convention, look at how each area was prepped and performed and see what improvements can be made. Reed will provide contact information of the previous chairs from Houston and Corpus Conventions. Mike will do same for the 2017 event held in Dallas. 

Roy Rabenaldt, Advisor: Opening Thoughts

During 2017 Convention, Archbishop Lori complimented Roy and the Diocese of Dallas for the smoothest and best State Convention he’d attended! The leadership of the Dallas tem was the key to the success! Let’s see what we can do to make this convention better!! 

It is not known at this time who the Supreme Representative will be, should have that information after 1st of the year. Would be great if we could get Carl Anderson as it will be his final year as Supreme Knight! 

Roy has gotten approval for the Opening Mass to be televised therefore EVERYTHING needs to be perfect! Choir to be discussed with Dr. Patti Hughes. There will be a need for an organ. Roy to discuss with Mike McLaughlin in Austin. To work with Dave Palmer of Guadalupe Radio to broadcast Mass live! 

Roy to take point on Liturgy. 

DD’s to act as Ushers at Mass.

Touched on accounting process as bulk of the money will go through the State. 

Mike McLaughlin will be the State Hotel liaison and will make several trips to Dallas to discuss needs and payouts. Reed and Roy to attend for impute as well.