Diocese of Dallas Gift of Charity


Diocese of Dallas Gift of Charity

To All my Brother Knights,

For those that attended the outstanding Clergy Appreciation Dinner held earlier this month, we presented Bishop Burns with our Charity Check in the amount of close to $64K. This represents the 70% of the State Charity amount paid by the Councils of the Diocese of Dallas. As we stated at the presentation, Bishop Burns uses this donation to fund the Ministry of Deaf and Disabilities throughout the Diocese.

Please see the note of thanks from Melissa Waldon, Associate Director of this Ministry. I had the honor to break bread with Bishop Burns that evening and can tell you he is very appreciative of our financial support and ALL the support that the Knights of Columbus in Dallas and in Texas provide for our #1 Principle of Charity!

I ask all Grand Knights to please share this information with your Councils as many may not know where there charitable donation goes to, and how appreciative the recipients are to receive our support! I will also tell you that I promised Bishop Burns that our check for the 2021-22 Fraternal Year will be closer to $80K, as the Councils in the Diocese of Dallas WILL surpass our State Charity Goal of $114K!!

Thank you to all in the Diocese of Dallas for your help in this donation and all that you do for our Parishes, our Diocese and the Order!

Vivat Jesus,

SK Mike Courtney
Dallas Diocesan Deputy

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