Diocese of Dallas Mid-Year Meeting Recap


Diocese of Dallas Mid-Year Meeting Recap

My Brother Knights,

Thank you so very much for all your help and support in making our Diocesan Mid-Year Meeting a success! Your presentations were spot on and the delivery was outstanding! We had 106 members attending in person and an additional 40 tuned in via Zoom! Thanks Ben for making that happen!

TO our WSD Terry, thank you for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to be part of our meeting. Having you in attendance showed the membership that we have the continued support of leadership to continue the works we are doing. Mike, I know you didn’t speak from the podium but your presence was also appreciated and I am sure the sidebar conversation you had with our team brought clarity to some issues they may have experienced. Reed, you continue to make the Diocese of Dallas proud and thank you for your presentation and the continued support; Dallas WILL reach their Charity Goal by Feb. 10! Greg, your powerful presentation on the Evangelization & Faith Initiative was tremendous and just what many of the membership need and have been waiting for! I pray that you received sign-ups from quite a few councils! Count on Dallas to be a big part of this initiative! John and Don, thank you for not doing a “Typical” Insurance presentation! You went outside the box and presented some of what people wanted to hear; good job! To the Dallas Diocesan Team, thank you for ALL you hard and smart preparation and presentations. Job well done! Jorge, thank you once again for arranging and having the slides presented and displayed!

To all the DD’s, GK’s FS’ DGK’s, it is your responsibility to pass this information along to your membership. If we keep it to ourselves, Saturday will remain just another Knights of Columbus meeting! Jorge emailed me late yesterday evening that the slides are now on the DDC Website, www.kofcdallas.com; below is the link!

Mike Courtney
Diocese of Dallas Diocesan Deputy

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