KofC 141st Supreme Convention


KofC 141st Supreme Convention

The Knights of Columbus 141st Supreme Convention took place on August 1-3, 2023 in Orlando, Florida. Our Texas Delegation included all our Texas State Council officers led by our Worthy State Deputy Terry Frugé and First Lady Beth, as well as several Texas Delegates from all over the state of Texas and their wives, some brought their children and other relatives. Some delegations began arriving on Friday July 28th while most arrived on Sunday and Monday, July 30-31.

The events kicked off with the States Hospitality Suites on Monday during lunch time for a few hours, this allowed everyone enough time to try to visit all of them and sample some of their offerings. As has been our Texas tradition for over a decade, the Texas hospitality suite served our famous authentic Texas Chili, no beans of course, only beef and venison combined with an array of traditional (but secret) spices. Our Chili turned out to be quite popular and it was soon the talk of the resort, everywhere you walked throughout the vast Marriott World Center Resort hallways and elevators, Knights from all over the world were raving about it. Of course a chili this magnificent cannot be adequately prepared outside of Texas, so a week or so before the event, a group of culinary Texas Knights, led by SK Roy Rabenaldt prepared it to perfection and packed it for transport across the country. Our own DDC Knight of the Year 2023 Dan Stoffel, accompanied by his lovely Lady Monique drove the 1500 miles from Plano, Texas to Orlando, Florida with the precious cargo onboard. The Texas Knights are indebted to them for this heroic service.


The opening Mass on Tuesday morning was a magnificently sublime event with the most amazing visuals being displayed on the giant jumbotron screens while the angelic voices of the choir and musicians contributed to fill our hearts with the joy of the holy spirit. It was followed by the opening business session with the Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly’s eloquent welcome speech. The States Banquet was the main event of the evening. The Knights of Columbus presented Mother Agnes Mary Donovan, the Founding Superior General of the Sisters of Life, with the Gaudium et Spes Award, the Order’s highest honor. Wednesday’s Votive Mass dedicated to our founder the Blessed Father McGivney, started with an amazing procession of Clergy and Fourth Degree Knights. The day culminated with the Texas Delegation’s fraternal tradition of going out as a group for dinner proudly wearing our Texas flag shirts and cowboy boots at the nearby Columbia restaurant. Thursday’s Memorial Mass was very impressive and various relics were put on display afterwards. Eight new Supreme Directors were elected replacing their retiring predecessors, they will join our own SK Alfredo Vela, IPSD and current Supreme Director on the KofC Board of Directors. Many important Resolutions were passed during the closing business session and eight of the most outstanding ones are listed below. We are grateful to our Worthy State Deputy Terry Frugé for his important contributions as a member of the Supreme Resolutions Committee.

The 142nd Supreme Convention will be held in Quebec, Canada next year.