Prince of Peace Wheelchair Sunday Update

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Prince of Peace Wheelchair Sunday Update

Brother Knights, Father Michael and Father Stephen,

Prince of Peace Council #11716 in Plano and the Dallas Diocese held their 12th Annual Wheelchair Sunday over the past two weekends. It was again very successful as they have raised $91,814 so far. Their funds will go towards providing a large container of 280 wheelchairs and 100 specialty wheelchairs for the Sonora CRIT Center in Hermosillo, Mexico.

Thank you so much to Fr. Michael Forge and Fr. Stephen Ingram for their awesome support of the mission by promoting the drive and sharing their Wheelchair Distribution experiences. Thanks also to the extremely generous parishioners of Prince of Peace and to all the Brother Knights that helped at the Masses. God bless all of you.

Brother Bill Weber
Texas Wheelchair Chairman


Continuing to set the standard in Texas!

Derek Rabey

Thank you Bill and thank you Prince of Peace!
God bless,
Fr. Michael Forge

Prince of Peace is on a roll.   Thank you for continuing with the 12th ANNUAL wheelchair fundraiser.

Great job in getting done.

Thanks again.

Let’s get it done.  Back to Basics, No Excuses

Alfredo Vela
Texas State Deputy
205 S. Flores St.
Rio Grande City, Texas  78582

Dear Fr. Michael, Fr. Stephen and Brother Knights,For the past twelve years I have been trying to figure out how to properly express our gratitude to your overwhelming embrace of our humanitarian mission.

I don’t think anything in my life makes me feel more like a good Catholic than being a tool in God’s hands delivering mobility to His children in need. Your overwhelming efforts each year humble me and inspire the dedication in my heart to work harder than ever before to make our mission the greatest success it can possibly be.

The collaboration and sincere embrace we experience from the Prince of Peace parishioners confirms my belief that giving from one’s heart allows us to enjoy community between all people in our world.

I thank you again Fr. Michael and Fr. Stephen, and without Bill Weber we would never be able to answer so many prayers.

God bless you all.

Most Sincerely,


Christopher J. Lewis
American Wheelchair Mission
2505 Anthem Village Drive, Suite E 602
Henderson, Nevada 89052 USA
(702) 580-0705
Answering Prayers with the Gift of Mobility Worldwide

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What an outpouring of love and generosity by the parish of Prince of Peace! Thank you Fr. Michael and Fr. Stephen for your continued support!

Brother Bill, the Knights of Columbus in the Diocese of Dallas and the Great State of Texas are blessed to have you lead this effort! Thank you so very much!

Vivat Jesus,

SK Mike Courtney
Dallas Diocesan Deputy

Let’s get it done.  Back to Basics, No Excuses