Prince of Peace Wheelchair Sunday

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Prince of Peace Wheelchair Sunday

Father Michael, Father Iyke and Brother Knights,

Prince of Peace Council #11716 in Plano, and the Dallas Diocese, held a very successful 14th Annual Wheelchair Sunday over the past two weekends. Including the funds received prior to the first weekend, they raised an incredible $94,432.

Their funds will go towards providing 280 conventional wheelchairs and 240 cerebral palsy wheelchairs for the Saltillo CRIT Center in Mexico. Hopefully, enough additional funds will be received so that they can provide all 520 wheelchairs, and along the way, go over $100K in donations for the 7th year in a row.

There were 6 Our Lady of Guadalupe lithographs given out to donors of $500 or more.

Thank you so much to Fr. Michael Forge and Fr. Iyke Udemba for their awesome support of this mission. Thanks also to the Brother Knights that helped and/or contributed over the two weekends. And many thanks to extremely kind and generous Prince of Peace parishioners for again providing so many life changing gifts of mobility.

God bless all of you.


Brother Bill Weber
Texas Wheelchair Chairman


Father Iyke


Thank you for embarking on this fundraising to provide wheelchairs to those in need. Your compassion always makes a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals who rely on these vital tools for their mobility. To brother knights, your support always embodies the spirit of kindness and community, and we are truly grateful for your contribution towards enhancing mobility and independence for others. Thank you for making a difference.

God bless us all.

Fr Iyke

Christopher J. Lewis President American Wheelchair Mission

Dear Fr. Michael, Father Lyke and Brother Knights,

I am incredibly humbled by your overwhelming support of our life changing mission.

You continue to bless us with the ability to do God’s work on earth and answer the prayers of entire families.

Thank you all for your compassion and your faith in our work to transform the lives of the poorest of the poor.

May God bless you all, and thank you, Brrother Bill, for all you do.

Most sincerely,


Christopher J. Lewis
American Wheelchair Mission
2505 Anthem Village Drive, Suite E 602
Henderson, Nevada 89052 USA
(702) 580-0705

Answering Prayers with the Gift of Mobility Worldwide

SK Reed A Fontenot, Texas State Director State Charities

What a Blessing! Thank you to all!

SK Reed A Fontenot, III, PGK, FDD
Knights of Columbus
2023-24 Texas State Director
State Charities


Beth Frugé, First Lady, Texas State Council


God bless you all for your efforts! What a wildly successful Wheelchair drive. The recipients in Saltillo will be so very blessed!

Thank you!

Kind Regards,


Fr. Michael Forge, Prince of Peace Catholic Community


Wow, that’s great, especially given that the announcements were made prior to Mass!

Good work Bill.

Thanks, and God bless,

Fr. Michael

To Chris Lewis,

You’re welcome Chris.  This is only a testament to the wonderful ministry that you are facilitating.  Keep it up!

God bless,

Fr. Michael