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Pro LIFE News Sep 2020


Please forward to all you can in your councils.

Hike for Life – Saturday, September 19th through Saturday, October 24th

  • Hike for Life 2020 is going to happen, it will be a little different but it is going to happen!!!

For those of you that were part of H4L 2019 – Thank you. Because of your participation we distributed well over $90,000 to our local Pro Life Ministries – Ministries that remain open every day – saving lives.

Because of CV-19 we will not be able to gather or hike together, however we can still raise funds together for the ministries we support (A detail list of them is below). Our Hike this year will be virtual – Spanning from September 19th through October 24th (you can sign up and start fundraising now if you like). Our Hike online site will be open for you to assist our Dallas area Pro Life Ministries by signing up and collecting donations.

So… we are aiming for $100,000 to provide our ministries with the same grants we provided last year… If I can simply get 1000 people to donate $100 we will make our goal – can you donate or help raise $100? Any amount is appreciated so please help as you are able.

Click on the link below to sign up or to donate. Then start sending out E-mails to friends and family encouraging them to sponsor you or join you… anything you can do will help make 2020 a success…

Hike for Life – Dallas Area 2020

Prefer to just send a check? Make it out to:

Hike for Life
PO Box 38016
Dallas, TX 75238

T-Shirts – We WILL have 2020 T-shirts – look for e-mails in late September for details. Drop off points will also be announced for funds collected and you will be able to pick up a t-shirt for a minimum donation of $25.

It is up to us to help protect our unborn brothers and sisters.
Be part of Hike for Life 2020

2019 Hike for Life Grants – Thank you all – Let’s do it again in 2020

  • Birth Choice Pregnancy Resource Center- $30,000
  • White Rose Pregnancy Resource Center – $30,000 
  • Mater Filius Maternity Home – $7500 
  • In My Shoes Maternity Home – $7500  
  • Bella House Maternity Home – $7500 
  • Catholic Pro Life Community – $7500  
  • Guadalupe Radio Network – $1500  
  • Option Line – $1500

40 Days for Life – Wednesday, September 23rd and goes through Sunday, November 1st

  • Like everything else this year, 40 Days for Life – Dallas is going to be different. 
    • Right now, we are assuming that we will still need to wear masks and keep social distancing.  If that changes, we will sing hallelujah and hug each other.  But right now, when you come to the abortion center to pray, please remember there is plenty of room on the sidewalk.
    • The prayer vigil begins on Wednesday, September 23rd and goes through Sunday, November 1st.  This year we are officially at Southwestern abortion center from 7am to 7pm.  You can sign up your parish to adopt a day by emailing  If you want to sign up as an individual, you can sign up online at or at the National 40 Days for Life website at
    • This year, people can participate in the prayer vigil in three ways.
      • Praying at Southwestern abortion center between 7am and 7pm, or at South Dallas Planned Parenthood between 6am and 6pm
      • Praying in Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament
      • Praying at home
    • We need to track the number of prayer volunteers we have, so we are asking that organizations and individuals, please sign up by going to the CPLC webpage and tell us where and when you are praying.   You will also be able to sign the Statement of Peace online there as well.
      • If you choose to pray at the Planned Parenthood, please remember to go between the hours of 6am and 6pm.  These hours are set in cooperation with the Dallas Police Department.
      • There will be a vigil box with sign in sheets and statements of peace at both abortion facilities.  The Statement of Peace only needs to be filled out once, not every time you go pray.
  • We are making these adjustments this year because
    • We want to do all we can to make sure that prayer volunteers are kept as safe as possible. 
    • We want to pray for 40 days.  This Spring, National 40 Days for Life had to cancel the prayer vigil due to the pandemic.  With volunteers having several different opportunities for prayer, we should be able to continue our vigil whatever happens.
    • If you are able, please adopt days/times for your parish to pray.

Adoration at Birth Choice – Each Friday

Adoration is held each Friday for the intention of Southwest Abortion Clinic to close soon.

If you are interested please contact James Hickey at

Come join us.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Tilma Fundraising 

Please let me know if you would like more info on this – can be used for Pro Life Ministries or to assist your parish during these difficult times.

Blessings to all,


Tom Clark
State Culture of Life Chairman
Texas State Council KofC

President – Hike for Life Inc.