The 2020 State Convention will be in Dallas


The 2020 State Convention will be in Dallas

An amazing team is being assembled and planning has already begun for the 2020 State Convention that will be coming back to Dallas a year from now. Even as the Corpus Christi 2019 Convention is still two weeks away, the first State Convention 2020 Meeting already took place on April 13, 2019, led by Reed Fontenot, Chairman and Mike Courtney, Co-Chairman, the team met at Council 799 in Dallas, home council to both co-chairs.

Mike Courtney said the purpose of the meeting was to “…review our overall mission, our individual roles and responsibilities and to talk about filling out our teams.” He added, “I anticipate we will start meeting on a monthly basis starting in June.  The good news is that we are going back to the Hilton Anatole so we only need to replicate and improve on what we previously did just two years ago!”

The Dallas Hilton Anatole Hotel will be the venue for the 2020 Texas State Convention.

The 2020 State Convention Team

  • Roy Rabenaldt – Convention Advisor
  • Reed Fontenot – Co-Chair
  • Mike Courtney – Co-Chair
  • Chris Fowler – Hospitality Suite Chair
  • Rob Duff – Holy Smokers
  • Jim Kowalski – Assist in Registration Booth
  • Ed Stankunas – Golf Tournament Chair
  • Gary Labac
  • Nick Fowler – Work Crew Leader
  • Pat Conway – 4th Degree
  • Jim Hale – Treasurer
  • Robert Repka
  • Lilian Kowalski – Assist Ladies Events
  • Debbie Conway – Ladies Events Chair
  • Jorge Ruiz – Ad Layout/Print
  • Patrick Vlk – Ad Sales
  • Doyle Kitchen – Country Store
  • Kevin Quinn – Registration Chair
  • John Ashmore – Raffle & 50/50 Sales
  • Ed & Janie Diaz – VIP Transport and Hotel
  • Phil Apgar
  • Chris Vilfordi & Wife
  • Michael McLaughlin
  • Isaac Sandoval
  • Nick Flores