The Gift of Mobility


The latest recipients of the gift of Mobility

It may not surprise you to hear how often the Knights of Columbus Dallas Diocese Chapter is contacted about providing wheelchairs for the needy, since we have a highly successful wheelchair program. Recently, a couple of social workers at different DFW area organizations reached out to us after their web searches for wheelchairs led them to our website. Interestingly, both ladies seemed almost resigned to go through some type of rigorous qualification process, where they might have to fill out long forms or somehow justify and defend their patients’ need for a wheelchair. Well, in comes our Worthy Wheelchair Mission Director Bill Weber to put their minds at ease. Usually replying with an instant call/email back to the requesters. And they typically are not only impressed with his quick response and his professional, calm and reassuring demeanor, but with the fact that it seemed all they had to do was ask a Knight for help, and help arrived, free of charge, and he delivered the gift of mobility directly to their patients.

Thank you Brother Bill for providing these latest gifts of mobility. Your highly successful ministry of providing wheelchairs to the needy is one of the greatest sources of satisfaction and pride for us Knights in the Dallas Diocese.


“I ended up providing 2 wheelchairs. In addition to Joan’s patient, a wheelchair was provided for the patient’s husband that needed one. They were both very grateful and tearing up.”

Bill Weber


“I have a patient who is 6 years old in need of a wheelchair. She currently does not have, and her family cannot afford to purchase one for her. I saw your program Wheelchair Mission and hope that you are able to help…” Health Center Social Worker

Wheelchair delivery to Allison Archaga Cruz of Dallas. –Bill Weber