A Surprise Birthday Gift


A Surprise Birthday Gift

Brother Knights,

On her 50th birthday, Cathy from Dallas received the gift of mobility from the Knights of Columbus. Cathy had not been able to go places with her family because she couldn’t keep up with them in her walker. She was thrilled to get the wheelchair and she gave me a big hug.

Cathy’s sister, Christy from Jackson, CA, had contacted the Dallas Diocese Chapter this afternoon about wanting a wheelchair. Brother Jorge Ruiz passed the information on to me right away.

Cathy’s son, Jose, told me that he’d heard of the Knights of Columbus and their good works.

Brother Bill


A few hours earlier...

Christopher J. Lewis, President, American Wheelchair Mission

Brother Bill,

That is a wonderful story.

Thank you so much for making this happen.

God bless you,


Christopher J. Lewis
American Wheelchair Mission
2505 Anthem Village Drive, Suite E602
Henderson, Nevada 89052-5529 USA
(702) 580-0705

Answering Prayers with the gift of Mobility worldwide

Sent while traveling

Dan Moberg, American Wheelchair Mission

Brother Bill,

It never ceases to amaze me that our Knights of Columbus has a program that can react within a few hours, to a call for help with mobility. The Knights in the great State of Texas are doing this all the time! We should (could) be doing this in every jurisdiction. Thank you for all you do and God bless.

Dan Moberg
American Wheelchair Mission

Sent from phone

Christy, Jackson, CA

On Jan 31, 2024, at 2:14 PM, Christy wrote:

Your team is wonderful. As I was trying to reach her to answer you, one of you were already on the phone speaking to my sister directly. Her kids are so excited that they will now be able to take her to the grocery store or the park! Little things are such huge blessings.

Thank you all so very much!!!


Bill Weber, Wheelchair Mission Director DDC

On Wed, Jan 31, 2024 at 12:01 PM Bill Weber <yankeesweb@tx.rr.com> wrote:


The Knights of Columbus would be glad to provide a wheelchair for your sister. Based on seat width, I need to know what size is needed. The 18” fits an average adult and the 20” fits most other adults. I also have a 22” or a 24”, if needed.

Please provide contact information for her, via email or text, I will deliver to her the size wheelchair she needs at no cost.

Bill Weber

Jorge Ruiz, VP DDC

On Jan 31, 2024, at 1:38 PM, Jorge Ruiz <admin@kofcdallas.org> wrote:

Dear Christy,

Thank you for contacting us, sorry to hear about your sister’s condition. Please provide a local phone number or email address for your sister as well. I am copying Mr. Bill Weber, our wheelchair program director for follow up.

Many blessings,

Jorge Ruiz, Vice President
KofC Dallas Diocese Chapter

(214) 215-8451

Christy, Jackson, CA

On Jan 31, 2024, at 1:06 PM, Christy wrote:

Good Morning,

My name is Christy. I am writing to you for information about your wheelchair program. I live in California but my sister lives in Dallas, so getting her the help she needs is challenging.

She has struggled with horrible knee issues for years and is currently in process for disability. She recently got divorced and now lives with her kids because she has no income.

My heart hurts for her because she is in so much pain. Walking is so hard for her even just for normal daily life.

I’d like to know how I can request help for her. I know a simple wheelchair for her to use at home would benefit her so much! Please let me know what I need to do and if you think your program might be able to help her.

Thank you so much.

Jackson, CA

My sister is:
Cathy C.
Dallas TX