Charity Check Presentation – Bishop Burns

Bishop Burns 10-22-2020

Charity Check Presentation – Bishop Burns

Worthy District Deputies,

This afternoon, myself along with Asst. DD Patrick Vlk, Jim Kowalski and PDD Roy Rabenaldt were privileged to present Bishop Burns with the Diocese of Dallas Charity Check for fraternal year 2019-20.  Please share this information with your councils as 70% of their State Charity money comes back to Bishop Burns to support his charities. The Deaf and Disabled Ministry received the bulk of this money.

Bishop Burns was extremely grateful for not only this presentation but for everything the Knights of Columbus do for the Diocese of Dallas and the Catholic Church as a whole. It was stressed to our Bishop that we remain in service to him and the Church as we are in solidarity with our Bishops and Priests. In these extremely difficult times, Bishop Burns asked us to continue to recruit new members into the order that we may bring more families back into the fold and continue to be of service to God and our fellow man. 

Although Dallas keeps Bishop Burns very busy, he asked that we keep him apprised of our activities and he will attend functions as his schedule allows. We did discuss  a Video message from him for us to use in the future in recruiting new Brother Knights. He stressed his desire to assist and we will work on that in the near future. We also discussed his personal advancement to the 4th Degree. We will address this in fiscal 2021!

We concluded our meeting with a prayer and a blessing asking Our Father to continue to bless and watch over the members of the Knights of Columbus, their families and loved ones!


Vivat Jesus, 

SK Mike Courtney

Dallas Diocesan Deputy

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