Dallas Diocese Chapter 2020-2021 RSVP Report


Dallas Diocese Chapter 2020-2021 RSVP Report

Worthy Officers, DDs, GKs, FNs, and Brothers (and Rev. Bishops Burns and Kelly and Fathers Edwin, Zach, James, Fernando, Alan, Scott, and Loyd):

I continue to pray that you are all staying healthy and safe during this pandemic.

I am attaching my initial RSVP report for this fraternal year concerning our Diocesan RSVP Program for seminarian support.

  1. With a new fraternal year, I know that officers have changed in our Councils, Assemblies and Squire Circles. If you don’t want to receive these reports, let me know and I will remove you from my email list. If someone else at your Council, Assembly or Squire Circle needs to get them, please provide me with an email address. Please also let me know what Council, Assembly or Squire Circle you’re from – it makes my job much easier!
  2. We have 77 Diocesan Seminarians this year. Our goal is to get each of those Seminarians at least 2 sponsors. Given the fund-raising struggles that we are facing during this pandemic, it is critical that we spread our support evenly among these men. We are off to a reasonable start, but there is much more work to do!
    • 62 of these Seminarians have at least one sponsorship pledged. 13 of those men have at least two sponsorships pledged.
    • 35 of the sponsorships that have been pledged have been paid.
  3. We have 12 new seminarians this year. We have gotten at least one pledge of support for 10 of those men, but the other 2 need sponsors.
  4. In the coming fraternal year, all support checks for Diocesan seminarians should be delivered via the Diocesan Vocations Office, with a copy of those checks sent to me. Checks should be made payable to the individual seminarian and sent to Fr. Zach Webb, Director of Seminarians, as follows:
    • Rev. Zachary Webb
      Director of Seminarians
      3725 Blackburn St.
      Dallas, TX 75219
  5. My usual reports are attached, as follows:
    • The first document attached is the standard list of seminarians, grouped by seminary and/or category.
    • The second document summarizes how we are doing as a Diocese.
    • The third document attached is a report organized by District (for Councils), Assembly and Squire Circle.
      If you want to see the information I have for your Council, Assembly or Squire Circle, look at this document.
  6. If anyone prefers to receive these reports in their native Excel form, send me an email and I’ll send them along.

Stay safe!

Vivat Jesus!! Viva Cristo Rey!!

John J. Little
RSVP Chairman
Dallas Diocese Chapter

8150 N. Central Expressway, 10th Floor
Dallas, Texas 75206
(214) 573-2307
(214) 394-8658 (cell)