Dallas Diocese Texas Wheelchair Mission

Bill Weber

Knights of Columbus - American Wheelchair Mission

Worthy Grand Knights of the Dallas Diocese,

With only two months left in the fraternal year, the goal is 100% participation of the Dallas Diocese Councils by donating at least $150 for one wheelchair. What difference does that make? To the child that will be able to go to school for the first time, to the adult that will be able to go to work and to the elderly that will be able to get out of a bed, it makes a difference.

As of April 27th, the American Wheelchair Mission has received donations this fraternal year from the 33 Dallas Diocese Councils listed below. Sincere thanks to these Councils and special thanks to the Councils that held a Wheelchair Sunday, or some other fundraising event, that benefited the Wheelchair Mission. There were 3 more Councils that donated in March.

If your Council is not on this list or have not mail a donation or are not planning a Wheelchair Sunday or fundraiser, please make every effort to have your Council donate at least $150 for one wheelchair.

Please make checks payable to American Wheelchair Mission and mail them with the completed attached form to the address at the bottom of the form. To donate online, please visit www.amwheelchair.org/donate and in the Campaign field select “Knights of Columbus” and in the Organization field enter your Council Number.

At the Texas State Convention this coming weekend, there will be a Mission Mobility Training Session on Friday at 2:30pm in Room 101 and on Saturday at 2:00pm in Room 101. We will be talking about the Wheelchair Program and holding a Wheelchair Sunday.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the Wheelchair Program, need any help conducting a Wheelchair Sunday or need any wheelchairs.

Thank you and God bless.

799 $21,567.86
830 $500.00
1289 $500.00
5052 $42,796.00
5538 $35.00
5656 $2,500.00
6065 $16,791.00
7438 $150.00
7850 $750.00
8157 $17,281.00
8417 $7,012.00
8954 $1,000.00
9903 $17,363.00
10523 $16,962.00
10646 $10,000.00
11169 $600.00
11293 $500.00
11716 $126,689.00
11862 $2,733.30
12300 $20,661.00
12480 $300.00
12484 $22.55
13044 $25,448.00
13133 $5,750.00
13520 $550.00
14568 $1,900.00
14810 $150.00
15033 $300.00
15852 $20.00
16202 $150.00
16546 $300.00
17111 $600.00
17146 $18,255.00

Brother Bill Weber
Dallas Diocese/Texas Wheelchair Chairman