DDC March 2021 Meeting Minutes


Quarterly Meeting – Thursday ,March 25, 2021

Meeting Minutes

Location: Council 799 KayCee Hall, Dallas, Texas

  • Meeting called to order 7:00 PM (after light meal provided)
    • Opening Prayer – Jorge Ruiz
    • Pledge of Allegiance – Pat Conway
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Approx. $13,600 in cash on hand
  • President’s Report
    • Patrick spoke about his Council’s recent project to bring meals to nuns in the area. In previous years they would hold a single meal and get 30 or 40 nuns to attend. This year they delivered the meals and served a total of 70! Good example of doing things differently because of the times we are in, yet getting even better results and returning to the good works the Knights are known for.
  • Global Wheelchair Mission
    • Bill Weber updated the group. New incentives are available for both Councils and individuals who donate. An inventory of wheelchairs is still available for parishes who need them. Goal is still to have every Council donate at least $150 and for as many to have actual drives as possible. Prince of Peace latest drive produced over $115, 000. Dallas Diocese is about 70% of the State of Texas donations. Emphasize on-line giving! See Bill for any assistance.
  • Membership
    • Mike Courtney stood in for Jim Kowalski. Key point of emphasis is E-Membership recruiting then converting those E-Members to Councils. Also, for Councils having Degree teams, get them going again doing live exemplifications. Use the new simplified format that can be read.
  • Fourth Degree
    • Pat Conway stood in for Ken Franch. Covered upcoming live exemplifications. They will consist of the program only – no meal. Also, for Fourth Degree Members who have the new uniform and are attending the upcoming Convention, please bring your uniform and sword. You may be needed to serve at the Masses.
  • Diego Pena
    • We are in a tight race for meeting our membership goal. Only one beating us currently is Ontario. Continue to emphasize the E-Membership tool, use your smartphones and convert those members. This is easier than ever. Also, the Houston State Convention is on and will have several new innovations. For instance, instead of hospitality suites, we will have a “hospitality park” across the street from the hotel. Each diocese will have the opportunity to sponsor a table and welcome guests. Diego to work with Patrick on Dallas arrangements. Also new lunch arrangements will be available. Masks and social distancing will be enforced.
  • Star Council Tracking
    • Reed’s team is tracking 29 Councils who are on course to achieve Star Council. Make sure all forms are completed, especially 365 and 1728. Must have Safe Environment training for the Grand Knight and 4 key program chairmen. If you need help on this contact Office of Human Protection at 203752-4554. Some requirements have been altered / lessened because of the pandemic year. Reed’s team will be more than happy to help any Council who has questions.
  • Insurance
    • General Agent John Regan spoke about Fraternal Benefit nights and requirements. Preferred method is still Knights and wives in a live meeting but John is also working on a secondary poster/flyer method at Council meetings that may be used as a substitute. See your Agent for details shortly. Every agent has a goal of getting 12 new “free” members this year in order to qualify for the internal trip contest. If a Council has a membership Drive, your agent MUST be present. Also, Mutual Funds will be coming in July from the Agency.
  • Safe Environment Audits
    • Mark Dama addressed this process. Several Councils will be audited this year.
  • 58th Annual K of C Bob Stras Dallas Classic Basketball Tournament
    • Jake Fleischer covered the fact that the Tournament is back this year and will be held at Jesuit Dallas and Bishop Lynch on December 2,3 and 4. As usual, advertising support is needed from Councils, Assemblies and Individual Knights. Ad solicitation to begin shortly. Also looking for additional business sponsors this year and additional committee members. For questions contact Jake at 214-232-1084 or johnfleischer7@gmail.com.
  • Committee of 1000
    • Mike Greene reminded everyone that he did not send out pins but has additional ones available.
  • Seminarian and Clergy Support
    • John Little needs 3 more $500 sponsors to step up in order for us to meet the goal of having 2 sponsors for every Dallas seminarian. In the next few months we have 5 men being made Transitional Deacons and 6 men being ordained priests in the diocese. Don’t forget to file your RSVP rebate forms by 6/30/21!
  • Guest Speaker – Brother Michael G. Murray
    • Mike and his wife JoAnn were Honorary Chair people of the Bishop’s ProLife dinner last week and he came to this meeting to thank the Knights for their support and to speak about the ongoing great work being done in the diocese related to the ProLife agenda. Mike is a brother Knight and has been a key player and advocate in this regard for many years. All in attendance warmly received his words and deeds.
  • Diocesan Deputy Report
    • Mike Courtney thanked everyone for their attendance and efforts thus far this year and expressed a high level of optimism that we are going to have a great 4th quarter! He reminded us to get back to the things that Knights love to do – the things they joined the Knights of Columbus for! He also reminded us that most Knights have a yearning to meet live again! He would like to see every Council represented at the upcoming Convention. His message was that the future is VERY bright!
  • Closing Prayer (8:10 PM)
    • Jorge Ruiz conducted the closing prayer.