Knights of Columbus Diocese of Dallas

Diocesan Deputy Mike Courtney

Knights of Columbus Diocese of Dallas

My Brother Knights All,

I pray that all of you and yours have a Blessed Easter Week and that your Sunday will be filled with joy of family and friends as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord!

For many of us, last week’s DDC Meeting was our first opportunity to come together as brothers and begin the process of digging out of the doldrums of solidarity that have become the “norm”! I thank all of you that were able to attend and a special thanks to the DDC Officers, Patrick, Jorge, Richard and Jake that put the meeting together. As I looked out amongst the membership, I could see in your eyes the passion and desire to do the work that God has tasked us to do. Let’s take this time to pull the troops together and rise above any obstacles that may be in our way. As I stated in my message, our parishes are looking for someone to lead the way, what better time for the Knights of Columbus stand up and lead! 

Despite all that has taken place in this fraternal year, we have accomplished many good things. The Diocese of Dallas has:

  • Provided 70% of the funds for the American Wheelchair Mission for the State of Texas! Let’s see if we can get 100% Council Participation with each Council donating $150, the cost of One (1) Wheelchair by the end of this Fraternal Year!
    • This ministry is run by Dallas Chairman Brother Bill Weber
  • As a Diocese, we have provided Seminarian Sponsorship to every seminarian. Each seminarian has at least 2 Sponsors! (Yes John, I know we were 2 shy as of our meeting but I am confident that these 2 have received the needed sponsorship by now!)
    • This Program is run by Dallas Brother John Little
  • To date, the Diocese of Dallas is less than $35K shy of achieving our Charity Contribution Goal, having donated over $77K to date! It is our hope to present Bishop Burns with the largest check ever at the end of this Fraternal Year!
  • The Star Tracking Team is Tracking 27 Councils that may Potentially earn the Star Council Award. The Diocese of Dallas had 54 Councils participate in the Fraternal Benefits evenings in 2020 with 25 Councils participating in both therefore achieving the requirement for Star Council!
    • State Program Director for this is our own Reed Fontenot
  • We had 20 Councils achieve and earn the Quick Start Award by paying both their Charity Goal and State per Capita
  • Our Hike For Life was virtual in 2020 yet we were able to provide $70K to the various ministries for Life!
    • Another program run by a Dallas Brother Knight, SK Tom Clark

We are blessed to have the continued support of our pastors and priests throughout the Diocese of Dallas. This support is inclusive of our Bishop, Bishop Edward Burns an active member of The Great 799! For those that were able to attend the Annual Bishop’s Pro-Life Dinner, you heard Bishop Burns praise the works of the Knights of Columbus and once again stated that he wished for ALL Catholic men become members of the order. To back up his words, Bishop Burns and the Diocesan Office is in the process of making a Video Message for us asking men to join the order! I will forward copies of the video once completed, targeted for month end April!

Brothers, these are just a few of the MANY great works done by all of us here in the Diocese of Dallas. We thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do. As we come out of the shelter of our homes and offices, let’s invite everyone back to Mass. Welcome each and every person that comes in and thank them for their attendance! Be sure to ask each man if he is a member of the order and if not pull out your phone or iPad and sign him up!! As we enter the final quarter of this fraternal year, we have a lot of ground to make up. I am confident that with all the work you have done to date, this will be a quarter to remember and I am proud to walk this walk with you!

May the Good Lord continue to watch over you and yours this Easter Season and all the days ahead.

Vivat Jesus,

SK Mike Courtney
Dallas Diocesan Deputy


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