Diocese of Dallas 2021-2022


Diocese of Dallas 2021-2022

Brother Knights All,

Here we are at the end of another Fraternal year and what a year it’s been! I pray that we never have to go through another year as we did. Despite all that we have been through we have done some very good things thanks to all your hard and smart work and dedication. We appreciate everything you have done.

So many good things have happened in Dallas despite the pandemic. A few hi-lights to date:  

  • Collectively, we have donated $84K in State Charity Goal. Hopefully a final push her in June we will present Bishop Burns with another large Check!
  • 33 Councils Assemblies and Squires Circles have actively donated to the American Wheelchair Mission, raising funds in excess of $221K. This is enough to buy 1475 Wheelchairs and improve the lives of close to 15000 People! God Bless all of you for this effort!
  • Despite Covid, we brought in 204 New Brother Knights into the Order through May!
  • 13 Councils are still in the running to Achieve Star Council
  • Numerous members from the Diocese of Dallas hold key positions at the State Council Level!

Please pass on our gratitude to ALL councils, Assemblies and Circles!

I wish to pass on my sincerest gratitude to 2 of our District Deputies that wil be stepping down at the end of this fraternal year. Ed Standkunas and Royce Cheek. Their service and dediccation ot the Diocese of Dallas has been instrumental in our success over the years and we will miss their leadership. Thanks you Ed and Royce for all you have done!

I am pleased to announce the following additions to the Dallas Team:

  1. Dennis Stark will step in as District Deputy for District #105. Dennis brings in a wealth of experience and dedication and will serve the councils and our team well.
  2. Eddie Castillo is our New District Deputy over District 116. Eddie will bring his expertise in leadership to the district with an emphasis on the dormant councils as well as assisting 3593 in its growth!
  3. Scott Brkovich has regained his health and will be moving from District 104 and assume the Councils of 111.

We wish each of these gentlemen the best of luck going forward.

Attached is the State Calendar for the upcoming Fraternal Year. Please mark the meeting dates now and block out. I plan to hold the Diocesan Org. Meeting on Saturday July 31, location to be determined. We plan to do 2 sessions on the 31st; AM session in English and a PM session for those members where Spanish is their preferred language. Our State Deputy Alfredo Vela will be our guest speaker at both sessions. Please block this date and advise your GK’s DGK’s and FS so they may plan to attend.

Looking at the exemplicfication schedule you all sent in, June should be a great month. We will be installing our Officers for 2021-22 year and laying out our plans. I wish you nothing but the best in the balance of this year and pleadeg my support in your efforts. 

I joined the Knights of Columbus to be of greater service to God and my fellow man and am proud to walk th e wal;k and talk the talk with the best me I know!

Vivat Jesus, 

SK Mike Courtney