Diocese of Dallas 2022-23 Team

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Diocese of Dallas 2022-23 Team

As we enter the final week on the 2021-22 Fraternal Year, I wish to thank each of you for all the hard and smart work each of you performed in the past year. We successfully overcame many obstacles and challenges and met or exceeded many of our expectations. More importantly, we worked in unity with our Bishops and Priests and have successfully brought many of our parishioners back to Church and we are once again able to receive the Eucharist and truly be with the Body of Christ!

Below are just a few of the highlights for the Diocese in 2021-22. Thank you to each of you on this email and the members and families of your Councils and parish for all the help and support over this past year. None of this could be accomplished without each and every one of you!

  • We recently received an update on the American Wheelchair Mission from Bill Weber. The work that all the councils in the Diocese of Dallas did was outstanding! When it is all said and done, Dallas will provide over 2,500 Wheelchairs bringing mobility to so many that never would have had the opportunity. We offered assistance to over 25,000 caregivers with our support! Well done Bill and all the families that supported this ministry.
  • Per John Little’s recent report, 205 Seminarians were supported by the Councils, Assemblies and Circles in the Diocese of Dallas. Over $100K raised in support for the future leaders of the Church. Outstanding work by all and a special thanks to John for his dedication and tenacity to make this happen!
  • As a Diocese we are at a little over 80% of our Charity goal. We have 37 Councils meeting or exceeding their goal and an additional 6 Councils active. 70% of this will come back to Bishop Burns in support of the Deaf & Disabled Ministry here in the Diocese of Dallas. With a week left, if you haven’t made your contribution, please do so. If you have extra money in your account, please be generous and make a contribution. The first principle of the order is Charity.
  • As I have stated from the beginning of my time as the Diocesan Deputy, it is about the RIGHT numbers when it comes to membership. We sit approx. 65% to our goal, but if my home council 11862 is an indication of new membership, we are in good shape. I say this because at the Officer Install this past weekend, there were 3 Officers installed under the age of 40 and many in attendance at our Corporate Communion Mass that I did not know! Keep bringing in the right members and be sure that strong programs keep them active!
  • Our Spanish Initiative under the direction of DD’s Nick Flores and Eddie Castillo along with Asst. DD Ed Diaz, has been a success! We held meetings throughout the year bringing valuable information in regards to Council rolls, programs, Faith in Action and many other items to the Spanish speaking councils. It is our belief that these councils will continue to grow and strive in the coming years!
  • We had a most successful Clergy Appreciation Dinner for the Diocese of Dallas under the direction of Asst. DD Patrick Vlk and the Kaycee Club and Council 799. We had our 2 Bishops in attendance along with close to 45 Priests and Deacons in attendance! WE look forward to surpassing this in the upcoming year, more on that at our Organizational Meeting!
  • Council 16546, Mother of Perpetual Help in Garland, was awarded a winning plaque for their Homeless Support Program. They received their award and were recognized for their efforts at the State Convention. Great work by the Council, Fr. Paul and GK Vinh Le and all members of the Council and Parish at MOPH!

As with every new year, changes are inevitable. By now, Councils have held their Officer elections and Installations are ongoing as we speak. Effective July, we will have new leadership at the Council level. On behalf of all the members of the Knights of Columbus in the Diocese of Dallas, thank you to ALL Grand Knights for your leadership and dedication to the order this past year. Without all you hard work, nothing in the Diocese of Dallas could have been accomplished. For those GK’s leaving office, please remain active within your councils and continue to offer your guidance and support of the new administration.

The Team within the Diocese of Dallas is not free from change. I would take this time to recognize and thank the following brothers for their help and support that they have given the Diocese of Dallas and the Order with their service:

  • Asst. Diocesan Deputy Jim Kowalski
  • DD #103 Kevin Quinn
  • Former DD #111 Scott Brkovich
  • DD #114 Mike Steffens
  • DD #115 Ed Romack
  • Diocesan Safe Environment Coordinator Mark Dama

Each of these brothers brought a different skill set and dedication to their Councils, the Diocese of Dallas and the Order that led to the success of our Diocese. Thank you to each of you for all you have done and will continue to do for the Order!

Each of the positions vacated by these dedicated brothers must be filled for the Diocese to continue to succeed. I am pleased to announce the following Brother Knights that have stepped up to assist in the growth and development of the Diocese of Dallas:

  1. SK Pat Conway – Asst. Diocesan Deputy – Membership
  2. Bryan Finley – DD # 103
  3. Jake Fleischer – DD # 111 (took over for Scott midyear 2021-22 due to illness)
  4. Ben Oani – DD # 114
  5. Tony Stobb – DD # 115
  6. Brother Mike Hemphill – Diocesan Safe Environment Coordinator

I am sure you join me in congratulating these brothers and will show the same respect and cooperation shown to their predecessors.

2022-23 will bring on a new set of challenges and opportunities for all of us! I am extremely grateful for ALL the help the entire membership in the Diocese of Dallas and the Great State of Texas gives and look forward to working with each of you as we learn and grow together in greater service to God and our fellow man.

Vivat Jesus,

SK Mike Courtney
Dallas Diocesan Deputy

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