New District Master of the 3rd Texas District


New District Master of the 3rd Texas District

Dallas Diocese Leaders,

Effective 12:53 pm today we have a NEW District Master for the Bishop Joseph Patrick Lynch 3rd Texas District!!

I have sent this email to all the assemblies of the district!

Congratulations go to ……… SK Ken Franch, PFN!!

Please send your congratulations to Ken, I have copied him on this email.I have great confidence in the appointment of Ken as our new DM and that the job he is undertaking will have full support of all the staff. He does have the important task of making sure District 1 learns how it feels to be the 2nd largest district in our province. With the staff leading the way & through our assemblies hard work & efforts the position as #1 volume membership will be permanently held by District 3..  

I have spoken to the other 2 nominees as well and thanked both Richard McCaffrey & Patrick Fletcher for their service and dedication to the district and expressed our collective thanks to them as well. Their congratulations and continued support to new District Master was expressed by them for Ken.

Debbie & I, do want to thank everyone for all you have done over these last 4yrs. We weathered through some milestone changes and you showed the leadership needed to all the members of this district. The success of the district is yours and your assemblies to take the credit for. For collectively you did the job to the best of your ability and stood tall and completed confidently a job well done. Again for our lovely wives that have supported us, Debbie & I also owe a huge debt of gratitude. Our abilities start and end with them at our side. 

I am reminded of something said by one of our former US presidents as he addressed the nation for the final time in the Oval office. Not that I was the leader he was, but his words still hold wisdom.

“An informed Patriotism is what we want. Are we doing a good enough job teaching our children what America is and what she represents in the long history of the world? We were taught, very directly, what it means to be an American. If you didn’t get these from your family, you got them from the neighborhood. Or you could get a sense of patriotism from school and if all else failed you could get it from the popular culture.”

That is not the nation we live in any longer. So I ask, are we doing the job? We live in a nation that is in turmoil. As I have said before I grew up knowing some men of the “Greatest Generation” are getting smaller in number every day. So I propose it has come to the time and place where those of us that care become, the “NEXT Greatest Generation”. That should be our task, that should be our legacy that we brothers step up and be those men.

It is time for new leadership, here and now. Debbie and I cherish our last 4 years and your involvement in our lives. You have blessed us with that gift friendship and support that will never be forgotten. Always remember there was a time and place that was known as 2016-2020!!

I am one DAM proud Immediate Former District Master of the 3rd Texas District!!! Best 4th degree District there is! Be proud of it!!!

God bless,

Your Big Brother, friend always!

SK Pat Conway,
3rd Texas Immediate Former District Master
Our Lady of Guadalupe Province
3710 Osage Dr.
Rowlett, Texas 75088