Exemplification Dallas Council 799


Exemplification Dallas Council 799

Brother Knights All,

My heartfelt gratitude for all the work that you put in to make last night’s Exemplification very special. Despite the bad weather, your preparation and hospitality was outstanding and truly appreciated. Please pass on our thanks to the many members of Council 799 and ALL councils represented that attended in support of our new Members! Please also reach out to our Worthy Chaplain Fr. Joseph and thank him for his spiritual inspiration and continued support of the Knights of Columbus. 

To our Worthy State Deputy Alfredo and First Lady Rosa, we were honored by your presence! To Dallas’ own FDD and State Star Council Director Reed Fontenot, thank you for attending and all you do for the Diocese of Dallas! Our thanks also to FDMSK Pat Conway and his family for being a welcome part of our ceremony. SK Rob Duff, your Degree Team from St. Michael The Archangel Council 11862 did an outstanding job in your presentation. Several guests including Lady Rosa stated that the presentation was performed with passion and from the heart. Thank you to Tim and Richard for taking the time to assist Council 799! Thank you also to the 2 Field Agents in attendance. Our active participation goes a long way and is appreciated! 


Thank you to Fr. Josef, Diocesan Deputy Mike Courtney and the officers and members of Council 799 for hosting the event. Also, thank you to all the councils in attendance. We had 21 members join the Order or advance in the Order. Great turnout and great hospitality. Thank you all.

SK Alfredo Vela, Texas State Deputy

We had 17 New Members representing 5 Councils join the order last night including 4 Seminarians from Redemptoris Mater Seminary! We were also honored with the exemplification of an active Dallas Police Officer! We also had 4 Brother Knights advance to their 3rd Degree! I loved what our GK Greg said, “this is only the 1st step!” please welcome in each of these men into your councils and get them active! I don’t want to see them on the Suspend list in 3 years because we never got them involved.

We still have a lot to do. I echo the words of our WSD that we have a responsibility to bring families back to Mass. We can and MUST do this now more than ever. I hope last night was a true sign that we are recovering and ready to be of greater service to God and our fellow man.


Thank you ALL for everything you have and will do for our Church, our Councils and the Order!

Vivat Jesus,

SK Mike Courtney
Dallas Diocesan Deputy

Let’s get it done.  Back to Basics, No Excuses

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