New Fraternal Year 2020-2021

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New Fraternal Year 2020-2021

Brothers All, 

It is hard to believe that in less than 30 days, we will begin a new Fraternal Year. Although this past quarter has been one that we have never experienced and we pray we never go through again, we will rise through it all and be stronger and better going forward. 

Mike Courtney Diocesan Deputy
Mike Courtney, Dallas Diocesan Deputy

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you all that I am extremely grateful and excited to serve as your Diocesan Deputy for the upcoming year. I thank Roy Rabenaldt for ALL the work he has done and the leadership he has shown to the Diocese over the years he served. As SK Roger Scott told me after my appointment, I have big shoes to fill! Roy has assured me that he will continue to be available to help in any way possible and I am sure I will lean on him in many areas.

I also wish to thank the current DD’s that have agreed to stay in their roles for the upcoming year as we transition the power of leadership. Your help and support is truly appreciated and welcomed! Please welcome Kebran Alexander, Kebran has been submitted for approval as the DD of District 109 replacing Bill Dover, who stepped up this past year to direct the district. We wish Bill the best in his “re” retirement from Service. Listed below are the DD’s for the Upcoming Year and we thank you for your service! 

DistrictDistrict Deputy
101Gary Walton
102John J Casarez
103Kevin P Quinn
104Scott A Brkovich
105Royce Cheek
106Daniel E Stoffel
107Robert M Repka, Jr
108Jack Ayers
109Kebran Alexander
111Edward J Stankunas
112Alberto Castro
113Nick Flores
114Michael E Steffens
115Ed Romack
116Mike Courtney

As you can see, District 110 is open. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

We are blessed to have Ed Diaz and Jim Kowalski return as my Assistant Diocesan Deputies. Both bring a wealth of experience and dedication to the team and I look forward to tapping into their expertise going forward. I am pleased to announce that our DDC President Patrick Vlk has accepted a role as an Assistant Diocesan Deputy. Many of you have seen the tremendous energy and passion Patrick has brought to the DDC and he is definitely a welcome addition to the Diocesan Team! We will continue to add as the needs arise. I thank ALL of you for your hard and smart work and look forward to growing the Diocese of Dallas in the immediate future!

Many things are still up in the air due to the pandemic. I plan to have an annual schedule of events but too many things are subject to change. Once we know for sure that events will take place, we will publish a calendar. That being said, there are a few dates we need to get on the calendars now. Please make note of these dates and plan to attend. If you do not feel comfortable in attending, please let me know.  

The Dates Are: 

There is still a lot of work to do over the next 30 days. Be sure to remain close with ALL your councils, assure that election of officers is performed and properly and promptly reported! I am honored to be able to serve with you and your councils going forward. Please let me know how I can assist you. You have the most difficult job in the order AND the most critical! You are the leaders and as you go, so does the order! Be strong, faithful and dedicated. Your councils will follow as they are all looking to you to lead them into the future! 

Thanks again for all you do and will do to make our Councils, Parishes, the Diocese of Dallas and the Order better!

SK Mike Courtney
2020–2021 Diocesan Deputy – Diocese of Dallas