Pro Life March And Rally Were A Success

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Pro Life March And Rally Were A Success

Brothers all,

The Prayer Vigils, Mass, March and Rally were all a success with 4500 people in attendance for the march…

Thank you all who attended and those of you that prayed for those that made it to the events.

I received many notes from brother knights that were ill – Thank you guys – God made sure we had enough Marshals – God is Good!!

It was a cold day and it would have been so very easy to stay home, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for a great and glorious day celebrating Life!

James Pelletier, Executive Director of Mother and Unborn Baby PRC in Fort Worth, spoke today and reminded us to make sure that this was not your “one pro Life Event for the year”…

Brothers, we cannot be one and done… So go to the next Pro-Life event and the one after that – and do not stop… Life is too valuable to lose the ground we have gained – we are only 1 to 2 election cycles away from Texas becoming a Pro-Choice State and all we have worked for will disappear…

Thank you all for all you do – keep praying those 3 Hail Mary’s each day for the Babies, their moms, and those in the abortion field (that they will have a change of heart)…

Thank you all again and God bless you all!


Tom Clark
Texas State Pro Life Chairman
Texas Knights of Columbus
President – Hike for Life Inc