RSVP Updates for October, 2023

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Latest Update on the RSVP Numbers

October 27, 2023:

  • Now up to 24 Councils, 5 Assemblies, and 1 Squire Circle.
  • 45 of our seminarians have at least two sponsors pledged; 13 have only one and need additional sponsors.
  • 4 of our seminarians have yet to receive a check (so 54 have already gotten at least one check).
  • 133.40 total pledged, 85.40 funded.

October 23, 2023:

  1. We have 58 Diocesan seminarians this year; that number includes 2 new men at Holy Trinity and 4 new men at Redemptoris Mater.
  2. The program is off to a strong start.  56 of our 58 seminarians have at least one sponsor pledged; 48 of those men have already received one RSVP check.  40 of our Diocesan seminarians have 2 or more sponsors pledged.  The 2 men who don’t yet have any sponsors (Dcn. William Mobley and Matthew Biaggi) each had multiple sponsors last year, so I expect those sponsors will likely maintain their support.
  3. To date, we have 17 Councils and 4 Assemblies and 1 Squire Circle that have pledged to support our seminarians.  We have a total of 120 sponsorships pledged ($52,500), with 69 sponsorships already funded ($31,000).  By way of comparison, we had 41 Councils and 6 Assemblies participate in the RSVP program last year.
  4. A reminder: RSVP checks for Diocesan seminarians should be sent to:
    Father Zachary Webb
    Director of Seminarians
    3725 Blackburn Street
    Dallas, Texas 75219
    Also, please include contact information for someone at your Council or Assembly so that Father Webb’s office has someone to contact if there are any questions/issues that arise.
  5. Another reminder: The DDC, and our RSVP Coordinator (John Little), have no role in processing the Form 2863 you submit to Supreme.  That is all handled in New Haven.   As is typical, the processing of the Form 2863, and the issuance of refund checks, is moving slowly because Supreme is typically inundated with a flood of Form 2863’s at the end of each fraternal year.

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John J. Little

RSVP Chairman
Dallas Diocese Chapter

8150 N. Central Expressway, 10th Floor
Dallas, Texas 75206
(214) 573-2307
(214) 394-8658 (cell)