Texas Wheelchair Mission

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Texas Wheelchair Mission

Brother Knights,

Attached is the final report of the Wheelchair Mission Donations by Diocese and Council for fraternal year 2021-2022.

Thank you so much and God bless you to the 185 Councils and 8 Assemblies that donated to the American Wheelchair Mission. Your awesome donations of $735,941 for 4,906 wheelchairs, is a jurisdiction record for a fraternal year. It shatters the previous record of $476K by California in 2015-2016. Also, it is over $560K more than California raised this past fraternal year.

Since it is estimated that each wheelchair delivered changes and improves an average of 10 lives, Texas Knights impacted the lives of 49,060 people! Through you, many prayers were answered.

Thanks again for all your efforts. Please contact me if you have any questions about the Wheelchair Program, need any help conducting a Wheelchair Sunday or need any wheelchairs.

Brother Bill Weber
Texas Wheelchair Chairman