Thank You From The Dallas Diocese Chapter!


Thank You From The Dallas Diocese Chapter!

Dear 2023 Texas State Convention Committee Members,

As many of you know, in yesterday’s Diocesan Organizational Meeting Mike presented the Dallas Diocese Chapter with a check in the amount of $18,055.67 which represented the net proceeds from the Texas State Convention that our Diocese hosted. In accepting the check I thanked a few people but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to thank ALL members of the Convention Committee for your contributions and hard work in making the Convention the rousing success that it was! This measure of success not only included the financial areas but other important non- revenue producing elements like Liturgy, Transportation, Check In, etc. that all came together to provide a positive experience for those who attended. We produced $99,222 in top line revenue but a million dollars in good will for the Diocese of Dallas!

This $18K will help the Chapter tremendously and carry us financially for the next year or two.That money is used for things like:

  • Advertising in Catholic publications and programs to foster the principles of the Knights (i.e. Bishop’s Pro Life Dinner, Diocesan Directory, etc.)
  • Hospitality at DDC and Organizational Meetings
  • Website costs and maintenance
  • Printing and other administrative expenses

Thank you for all you did! I’m not sure where we all will be in 2026 when “the circus comes to town” again, but we will always be proud of the show we put on in 2023!

God bless you all!

Vivat Jesus,

Jake Fleischer
Dallas Diocese Chapter President

Jake Fleischer DDC President 2023