Thank you!

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Thank you!

Brothers All,

I wish to thank all of you that were able to attend our Diocesan Organizational Meeting last Saturday. I trust that all the information shared was informative and that it will be useful to your councils going forward. We had over 110 brother knights in attendance. I ask that you share this Thank You email with all your councils.

Fr. Joseph, as I said during the meeting, we are blessed and lucky to have a Chaplain that is such a proponent of the Knights of Columbus. Not all Diocese and Councils are so blessed! Thank you for your attendance and your message. Nick, you set the tone for the day with your well delivered talk on the needs for not only the Spanish Initiative but what is needed by all Brother Knights, thank you for all you do! David, an outstanding job representing your fellow Program Directors. You kept your presentation on point and delivered concise and well planned information. Don, we appreciate your report on Insurance and hopefully our efforts for better participation in the Fraternal Benefit Nights will pay off for you and the FA’s in Dallas. Not sure if we could have had a better presentation of the Committee 1000 Check than what you did Mike, great job and thanks for all you do! Fr. Desmond was a great recipient and I feel he passed onto the troops the message of appreciation needed by all! 

Harry, your points on preparedness are invaluable and always need to be a reminder that we must be prepared for the worst and hopefully we never see it; thank you for your help! Brother Bill, you just keep rolling on, pardon the pun, with the Wheelchair Missions. Without your dedication, so many lives would not be enhanced. Keep up the tremendous work you do! Jake, I know you haven’t been around for all 58 Tournaments but your attention to detail and presentation skills are terrific and hopefully you will sell out your advertising in short order despite the unexpected visitors plea!! Patrick, your passion and enthusiasm towards all things Knights is contagious!! Keep spreading the word on the DDC! I am sure your efforts for the Clergy Appreciation Dinner will be a success!

I spent the past 3 days in Houston attending the Virtual Supreme Convention with our brothers from around the State. Our New Supreme Knight is focused on a message of each of us to serve with Creative Courage. We are to be guided by the example of Saint Joseph. We are to be Bold and Courageous in our work, always looking at how we can put our Faith in Action. I am excited about the direction we are headed and am proud to serve with all of you as we go forward doing God’s work. 

Thank you for all you do!

Vivat Jesus,

SK Mike Courtney
Dallas Diocesan Deputy

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