The 60th Annual Bob Stras Memorial Basketball Tournament


The 60th Annual Bob Stras Memorial Basketball Tournament

Worthy Dallas Diocese Leaders,

As many of you heard at the Diocesan Organizational Meeting on July 22nd, The Dallas Diocese Chapter has launched this year’s “60th Annual Knights of Columbus Bob Stras Memorial” high school basketball tournament. Eight boys teams at Jesuit College Prep and eight girls teams at Bishop Lynch will play concurrently from Thursday November 30th to Saturday December 2nd. There are many reasons why this Tournament is so important to the Knights of the Dallas Diocese:

  1. At 60 years old, this event is the longest running continuously sponsored activity of the Dallas Diocese Chapter!
  2. A few weeks ago, our Brother, SK Bob Stras passed away. Bob was the heart and soul of this Tournament for over 45 years and had a huge impact on so many things we take for granted today as Dallas Knights.
  3. This is one of the biggest opportunities The Knights as an organization has to have a positive interaction with teenage boys and girls.
  4. It gives us a great opportunity to lend support to two of our largest Catholic schools in the Diocese.

We can not conduct this event and do all that we do without the support and generosity of both Councils and individuals. If you would like to learn more about all of the things that the Dallas Knights provide to host the Tournament please refer to the slides that we used in Saturday’s Organizational meeting that can be found on the DDC website – NEWS section. The Tournament does not receive any funding from sources other than the advertising fees in the Tournament program. Last year we had 63 Knights and Sir Knights who took individual Sponsorships of either $50 or $25 which included many of you. Brothers, thank you all who have supported the Tournament in this way in the past!

If you can swing it, we need your help again in 2023 to make our 60th Edition of the event our biggest and best! Attached please see an order form for advertising in the event program including Individual Sponsorships. Thank you to Mike Courtney, Tom Clark, Bill Weber and Pat Conway who already stepped up and took Platinum Sponsorships! Our goal this year is to get 100 individual sponsorships for the Tournament so only 96 more to go!

Important: You can also order ads and sponsorships online in our “store” at the DDC website where you can pay by either check or charge card.

Each of you are leaders in your own Councils as well so we would appreciate you talking up the Tournament advertising there as well.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration on this important effort and please contact either one of us if you have any questions or need help in any way.

Vivat Jesus.

Jake Fleischer

Dallas Diocese Chapter President
2023 Tournament Co-Chair

Jake Fleischer DDC President 2023

Roy Rabenaldt

Immediate Past Diocesan Deputy
2023 Tournament Co-Chair