Diocese of Dallas Organizational Meeting 8-6-22


Diocese of Dallas Organizational Meeting - August 6th, 2022

Brothers  All,

Thank you to all that attended our Diocesan Organizational Meeting this past Saturday, August 6th. We had 117 bother Knights attend, breakdown is listed below! Please thank your GK’s, FS and DGK’s that were in attendance. It is always our hope that the information shared will help each council continue to strive and expand on the great works they are all doing.

A special thank you to Fr. Joseph, our Diocesan Chaplain of the Year for his continued support and guidance. It is our hope that we all heed his message to step up and when called to help say YES! Bill Tillotson, thank you for your presentation! You did a great job representing the State Council and provided a lot of useful information and levity when needed! You are welcome to join us any time it fits your hectic schedule! To all the Diocesan presenters. Thank you for everything you brought on Saturday and what you all do throughout the year for the Diocese and the Order! To our FA John Regan, thank you for your attendance and your discussion on insurance. Please thank those FA’s that were able to attend as well. SK Jorge Ruiz, thank you for once again putting everything together and manning the ship on the presentations. From Council 11862, GK Tim Lucious, DGK TJ Knight and SK Richard Gehring, thank you for setting up the hall and getting everything in order at St. Michael The Archangel for us to hold this meeting!

We are over 1 month into this new Fraternal Year. Please be sure that the information shared with everyone is also shared at the Council level. The worst thing we can do is get together, share ideas but not bring it to the membership! As with any training session I have been a part of, there is always at least one thing I saw or learned that I was not aware of before. Please find that one thing and do it better than anyone else!

Thank you for all you do and I look forward to working with each of you as we grow and make the Diocese of Dallas the best in the State!

Attendance Statistics:

  • Diocesan Chaplain -Fr. Joseph Mehan
  • Asst. Diocesan Deputies – 3
  • District Deputies – 12
  • Grand Knights – 34
  • Financial Secretaries – 17
  • Deputy Grand Knights – 13
  • Other Members – 37

As a reminder, all presentations are available for download below.

Mike Courtney

Diocese of Dallas Diocesan Deputy

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Congratulations to the 2022 Award Recipients

Fr. Joseph Mehan of St. Michael the Archangel, Garland, Texas, received the award for the Dallas Diocese Chapter Chaplain of the Year 2022.
SK Oscar Sanchez, Council 6065 Plano, Texas receives the Dallas Diocese Chapter award for the Knight of the Year 2022.
The Dallas Diocese Chapter award for the Council of the Year 2022 went to Council 11716 Prince of Peace Plano, Texas.