Convention Exhibitors

About Convention Display Booths

Convention display tables as required. State Deputy must approve exhibits. Coordinate with Exhibits Chairman, Robert Repka, (972) 979-4985.

The Knights of Columbus display booths are meant to promote programs and not merchandise items.

Display set-up tentatively scheduled for 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. Thursday, per Exhibits Chairman’s predetermined diagram. Exhibits Chairman needs to be on premises tentatively by noon. Displays open Friday at 10:00 a.m. Tear down Sunday following close of convention.

Note: Special electrical power or visual aids needed are the responsibility of the committee sponsoring the display. Additional costs, if any, are the responsibility of the sponsoring committee.

American Wheelchair Mission

The Knights of Columbus work in conjunction with the American Wheelchair Mission to provide wheelchairs to an estimated over 100 million people worldwide that need a wheelchair but cannot afford one.

Bill Weber
State Wheelchair Chairman

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Wheelchairs allow children with physical disabilities to go to school for the first time, adults to go to work to provide for their families and the elderly to get out of a bed that they may have been confined to for years at a time. 

These life changing gifts of mobility deliver Hope, Freedom, Independence and Dignity to people and are an answer to their prayers.  It is estimated that each wheelchair delivered changes and improves an average of 10 lives.

The American Wheelchair Mission delivers brand new wheelchairs, in 5 sizes that would sell for over $500 in a medical supply store, but they can provide them for an average price of $150 each.  For each $150 donation that a person gives, a wheelchair is delivered and the donor is sent a folder with a certificate of thanks that can be personalized as a gift in honor or memory of a loved one, and a photo of a person that has received a wheelchair. 

kowalski-jim-lillian-oaxaca-wheelchairs-2019Assistant Dallas Diocesan Deputy Jim Kowalski and wife Lillian introduce a young boy to his new wheelchair. Click the image to see more Oaxaca, Mexico 2019 photos.

The Knights of Columbus provide a grant each year to the American Wheelchair Mission to cover their overhead costs, so 100% of a donation goes towards the purchase and delivery of a wheelchair.

Our Texas State Wheelchair Mission goal for this fraternal year is $500K for 3,333 wheelchairs.  Last fraternal year, $438,240 was raised for 2,921 wheelchairs. The most effective way to raise funds for this mission is having a Wheelchair Sunday at your parish over one or two weekends and it also a great way to recruit new members.  You would read a pulpit talk and/or show a DVD at all the masses the first weekend of the drive.  You would then have a table setup in the narthex and baskets at all the exits to collect donations.  At the very least, we ask that each council participates in this program by donating $150 for one wheelchair, which is the goal of our Worthy State Deputy Mark Evans.

At the Wheelchair Mission table will be Wheelchair Sunday Guides, newsletters, brochures, DVDs, pins and a sample wheelchair.  State Wheelchair Chairman, Bill Weber, will be happy to answer any questions you have about the program and about starting a Wheelchair Drive at your parish.  He will be glad to help in any way with your drive, including talking to your pastor or council about the program, providing the materials that you need for your drive and being at your parish during the drive.

Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA (AMS)

“Thank you Texas State Convention Planning Committee for including the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA (AMS), in this new promotional opportunity.”

Mary Lavin
Executive Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving
Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA
Washington, D.C.

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The AMS was established by Saint John Paul II in 1985 to provide the full range of pastoral ministries available in all other U.S. dioceses to those serving in the United States Armed Services, enrolled in U.S. Military Academies, undergoing treatment at any of the 153 Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, working in civilian jobs for the federal government beyond U.S. borders; and the families of these populations. Unlike a traditional diocese, the AMS has no geographical boundaries and is the only U.S. diocese responsible for endorsing and granting faculties to priests and deacons to serve the aforementioned group of Catholics; approximately 1.8 million men, women, and children who hail from all 50 states and U.S. territories, including Texas.

The AMS Co-Sponsored Seminarian Program is the only U.S. diocesan vocations program that provides priests for the Church and the U.S. Military Chaplaincy; since 2008, 36 men have been ordained through the program. The AMS currently partners with 34 dioceses (including the Dioceses of Fort Worth, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Victoria, Austin, and San Angelo), and one religious order. There are currently 47 co-sponsored seminarians studying in 20 seminaries (including St. Mary’s in Houston and Assumption in San Antonio); there are an additional 12 men in various stages of processing, including four who are currently serving active-duty. In 2019, there were five ordinations to the priesthood and nine ordinations to the diaconate. In 2020, there will be as many as eight ordinations to the priesthood and nine ordinations to the diaconate. In 2019, six co-sponsored priests began active-duty service after having completed the required three years of parish ministry in their home diocese; two more co-sponsored priests are expected to go active-duty in 2020, three in 2021, and as many as five in 2022.

The AMS receives no funding from the U.S. Government or U.S. Military and relies solely on the generosity of the Catholic community to maintain and expand all programs and services, including the continued growth of the Co-Sponsored Seminarian Program.  The average annual cost to the AMS per seminarian is $20,000; $100,000 over five years of formation.  With just the current 47 co-sponsored seminarians, the cost for the 2019-2020 academic year will be approximately $940,000; the total cost is expected to exceed $4,700,000 over the next five years alone.

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