DDC August Meeting Postponed

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Dallas Diocesan Chapter (DDC) August Meeting Postponed

Worthy Grand Knights and Brother Knights,

Because of the current uncertainty of the Covid 19 pandemic situation and also the proximity to the recent Diocesan Organizational Meeting, we have decided to postpone the DDC meeting that was scheduled to take place on Thursday August 26th at Council 799. The new date for this meeting is now September 30th, at the same location. We hope that all Grand Knights will be able to attend this important update meeting or at the very least have a representative of your council attend.

Although our meeting is delayed, our challenges and goals are not! Here are a few reminders to keep your focus on between now and when we get together in person again:

  • Recruit, Recruit, Recruit: Growth is the lifeblood of our order and it is now easier than ever before  to sign up new members and get them through their 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees. By the time we meet again, the 1st quarter of the year will be over – will your Council have one quarter of your recruiting goal for the year accomplished ?
  • RSVP Commitments: We did a fabulous job supporting our Dallas Seminarians in the 2020/21 Fraternal Year. But now the challenge re-sets as it does each year. Confirm your Council commitments to John Little when the first list of returning Seminarians comes out. And, most importantly, as early as possible in the fraternal year, follow the process to get the checks into the hands of the Seminarians.
  • CLERGY SUPPORT DINNER, November 5th: Mark your calendars and reserve some funds now! The biggest and best dinner to support the clergy of our diocese will take place on Friday, November 5th at Council 799. Projected cost will be $600 per table of 10 with your Council funding at least the cost of any clergy you invite. Ask your parish clergy to “save the date” now!
  • Global Wheelchair Mission: Remember our goal is to have every Council participate this year even if they only fund a single chair ($150.00). Have you worked with your parish yet to plan a 2021/22 event? Contact Bill Weber for help.
  • Pro Life News & Activities: Make sure Tom Clark has the most current contact  information for a Brother in your Council for Pro Life issues and programs.
  • Basketball Tournament: Ads and Sponsorships are due 10/15/21. Contact Jake Fleischer for questions and details.

And so Brothers, until we meet live again in September, stay safe, stay healthy and most of all – stay engaged! Thanks for all you do to continue to make Dallas the “Best in Texas”!


Patrick Vlk
President, Dallas Diocesan Chapter