Hispanic Initiative of Dallas August Meeting


Hispanic Initiative of Dallas August Meeting


I cannot thank you enough for the support and contributions you made to our Hispanic Initiative meeting on Saturday. Each of you is extremely busy and for you to make the time for this in your schedules was very much appreciated! Thank you!

There were a total of 42 Brothers that signed in and a Lady in attendance representing 14 Dallas councils and 3 Ft Worth councils. All of the presentations were very good, pertinent to our members’ interests with lots of good discussion throughout the meeting and afterwards. This session could have easily been extended til noon to cover many of the topics and questions brought up and that needed to be discussed. I feel we left a lot of open material and issues to discuss at our next session.

I would like to get some constructive feedback on this session, what can we do better next time to help address the needs of our Brothers and Councils? And what, in your opinion, are the keys things our Hispanic Initiative team needs to follow up on for the issues and concerns that were brought up during this session? Although I have a list of items, I want to make sure I didn’t miss anything and nothing was brought up to someone else that I wasn’t aware of.

Finally, a very special ‘thank you’ to Brother and WGK Tony Gonzales from Council 3593! His and his team’s assistance with the venue, setup, coffee & snacks helped make this a very special session for us! Gracias Tony!

Vivat Jesus!

Congratulations from Jake Fleischer DDC President

Brother Nick,

Congratulations on a highly successful meeting on Saturday. Even though I do not speak Spanish, I could feel the enthusiasm in the room for the subject matter. I was particularly proud to see 7 members (6 plus me) of my home Council (6065) present and participating and I was also happy that Jorge and I could be there to represent the Dallas Diocese Chapter. For the Chapter to be successful those 14 Councils have to feel that the Chapter is THEIRS too as well as the other 46 Councils. Here are a couple of other random thoughts:

  • While it was a little startling at first, I liked the idea that one GK brought his wife. My experience with my hispanic Brothers has been that many times they come to events with their wife and family – particularly on the weekends – much more so than our anglo Brothers. For meetings of this nature I think we should encourage this and I’m sure our Insurance brothers would appreciate that.
  • All Councils who already have or are trying to attract hispanic brothers are at different points in their Journey. Some are almost 100% hispanic, some a 50/50 mixture and some almost 100% anglo but with an opportunity to attract hispanic brothers. Certain agenda topics are appropriate for all 3 groups but other topics could be tailored for one or more of the 3 types. For instance, you could probably do a whole hour on how to most effectively “communicate” both in meetings and every day. Likewise, there are big differences in “fundraising” in hispanic councils and mixed councils.
  • Award for “Best Presentation” goes to Antonio Maza – although he went a bit long he really seemed to strike a chord with the audience! I am partial as he is my personal agent too.I agree that it could have gone longer but it is a lot to ask for guys to devote more than 2 hours on a Saturday. Timing was just right.

Thanks again for including me in this meeting Nick and good luck as you continue to address this challenge. Please let me know how I can help.