Thanks for attending the Jan 27th Diocesan Meeting

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Thanks for attending the Jan 27th Diocesan Meeting

Here is a recap of attendance at Saturday’s Mid Year Diocesan Meeting:

  • Councils present – 31 (represented by 51 Knights, 52% of active Councils).
  • Grand Knights present – 19 (included in the 51 above, 32% of Diocesan GK’s).
  • District Deputies present – 13 of 16
  • State & Diocesan Staff present – 9 of 13
  • Program Directors present – 18 of 24
  • Insurance Program reps – 1 Gen’l Agent and 8 Field Agents
  • Others present – 2
  • Total Knights present : 93

A few special thanks:

  • Special thanks to Brother TJ Knight from St. Michael who did a fabulous job of having the room ready and taking care of all the “housekeeping “details throughout the meeting. He was fantastic.
  • Special thanks to Father Joseph who stayed and participated from beginning to end.
  • Thanks to Richard Gehring for handling the sign in process on his own and flawlessly as usual.
  • Thanks to David Zeigler for a great presentation of the State Slides
  • Thanks to Jorge for handling all of the AV and getting the slides posted to
  • Thanks to Kevin for taking over the MC role and keeping us ahead of schedule!

For future reference, we ordered 120 donuts and 50 munchkins and at the end of the break there were only 3 lonely glaze donuts left – consumption was 1.3 donuts per person!.

Vivat Jesus !

Jake Fleischer
Dallas Diocese Chapter President

Download PowerPoint Presentation Slides below.